Raring to reach the top of the marketing and entertainment game are two ace entrepreneurs - Shelly Jain & Rakshita Singh.

Both of these young talents are the brains behind 'The Content Factory', serving as the CEOs of the brand, ready to create great viral content.

With the advent of so many industries and businesses around the world, it is imperative to also understand what really runs these industries and how they have attained so much of momentum, especially from the last few years. One cannot deny that industries today are driven by many new technological advances and the increased dependence on online platforms, but major thanks go to the many young minds who have put in every possible effort to not only excel as entrepreneurs in their fields but also go ahead in making others successful. The marketing space is one that has seen the emergence of many such passionate and dynamic entrepreneurs. We came across two of them who have radiated pure brilliance in what they have chosen to do - marketing and hence, have now gone ahead in soon creating their firm 'The Content Factory'. They are Shelly Jain and Rakshita Singh. These two powerful and passionate ladies have shown the world how it is to be done. This has allowed them to thrust forward in the entertainment space and flourish as entrepreneurs, inspiring many others as well.

These two young talents are soon to come up with 'The Content Factory' with the sole aim to help their clients reach the right audience through creating and posting viral content to create a deeper impact on them and reach more people. Creating an innovative and industry-best social media strategy helps brands, influencers and entrepreneurs to multiply their reach and create more buzz around them and The Content Factory, under the leadership of Shelly and Rakshita, aim to strengthen the presence and following of their clients by creating viral content.

The ace entrepreneurs so far have had the opportunity to work with some of the most prominent names of the entertainment and social media industry like Bhuvan Bam, Carry Minati, Ashish Chanchlani, Stabin Ben, The Viral Fever, Emiway, Amit Bhadana, Gajendra Verma, Sony Music India, T-Series and have even catered global clients including Akon, Snoop Dogg and many others. The level of success they have attained working with the above-mentioned names have motivated them to come up with their own production firm named The Content Factory to change how marketing is done in the industry and spellbound people with their strategies, methods, and their upcoming memes, viral videos, songs, webs series, and so much more that has the power to take over social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

With their surreal working experiences with some of the well-recognized names of YouTube and the social media world, Shelly and Rakshita confess they can more confidently step foot into entrepreneurship with The Content Factory to create more hilarious memes on trending topics, webs series, comical as well as romantic videos. They have already roped in a couple of prominent influencers and actors.

The duo has already showcased their talents by working with many industry professionals and influencers. With this, we can expect their new firm, The Content Factory, to only raise the standard of marketing and create great viral content in the coming years.