Bengaluru: It’s a proud moment for India as Defence Research and Developmental Organisation (DRDO) has successfully completed lab trials of OnBoard Oxygen Generating System (OBOGS). 

It is an indigenously built technology (specifically for India-manufactured aircraft) used to supply oxygen to the aircrew by supplying oxygen using bleed air from the engine and separating oxygen from other components, using a process called Pressure Swing Adsorption Technology. 

With this technology the pilot can remain airborne for a long time. Till this time, the pilots had to get to the ground, maybe an hour or so after they were airborne to refill oxygen. 

SP Thomas, Technical officer, Debel, said “The lab trials of OBOGs has taken place successfully. We are waiting for flight trials. Once we reach success in it, it will be incorporated in the Light Combat Aircraft (LCA).” 

India will be the fourth country to make use of this technology after Russia, United States and France. 

Defence minister Rajnath Singh flew the LCA today (September 19) at the HAL airport in Bengaluru. The minister’s sortie lasted for about 30 minutes and as he got down from the aircraft, he was a picture of bliss.   

The aircraft was also piloted by Air vice-marshal N Tiwari. He said that he handed over the controls of the aircraft to the defence minister for a couple of minutes and added that they almost touched one mach and roughly pulled 2G. 

On his part, the defence minister said that the sortie was exhilarating and he was thrilled to fly the aircraft. Incidentally, he became the first defence minister to fly the fighter aircraft. 
The aircraft is twin seater single engine. 

The defence minister took up this endeavour of sortieing in the metal bird in order to boost the morale of the defence forces. 

Incidentally, last week, the naval variant of the aircraft had performed what’s called an ‘arrested landing’ in which the aircraft lands on an aircraft carrier.