Bengaluru: A village in Rajasthan – Badoda – near Jaisalmer district is a role model for all others, for the way it has conducted itself in covid management.  

As per an India Today report, the village saw as many as 14 weddings on April 30 alone, leading to a surge in cases. 

Once the villagers identified the problem, they all worked unitedly to course-correct and stem the rot. 

It is important to note that the surge was 226 in number and the deaths were 25. 

So how was the ill arrested? 

The website adds that the village’s covid core group set up six monitoring committees. These committees go to every area and street of Badoda to spread awareness about the pandemic. They patrol the village and sensitise people to the symptoms of the disease.

“The covid situation here had become very frightening. We hope the village will be free of the virus soon. Our group is spreading awareness. We are also distributing medical kits to those who have covid symptoms,” village head Mag Singh, was quoted as saying. 

School teachers are employed to write new announcements everyday. They include importance of wearing masks, maintaining social distance and also the need to stay at home and move out only if necessary. 

Another important thing to note is how the villagers have cancelled weddings as they are repositories of spreading the virus. This also comes as a confession as to how weddings have led to mass congregations. 

“I have no regrets. Even the neighbours have cancelled similar functions in their families. I want to appeal to everyone to follow the lockdown rules and not organize any such functions during the pandemic,” the website quotes Mool Singh, who cancelled his wedding as an example. 

Doctors also have been making the rounds to keep a check on those who test positive. In this way, the website notes that the numbers have dwindled considerably in a fortnight’s time.