Bengaluru: Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot had made claims that the BJP is holding the rebel members hostage. 

But in what comes as strong denial of his claims, rebel Congress MLAs dismissed it. As reported by ANI, Neem Ka Thana MLA Suresh Modi clarified that he had come to Delhi on his own accord over disagreements with the incumbent Congress dispensation in Rajasthan. He reiterated that the rebel Congress MLAs are under no pressure from the BJP. It is to be noted that Modi is a Congress MLA belonging to the camp of Sachin Pilot.

Modi took a jibe at Ashok Gehlot for not performing development work in his constituency. He said, “He has not done anything in my constituency for the past 1.5 years… The people of my constituency are struggling due to the shortage of water… I had demanded that my constituency be transformed into a district. However, none of my demands were met. And now he (Gehlot) is making baseless allegations against us. This is wrong. These unfounded claims made by him are a disgrace to the post of the Chief Minister. Retain your seat but at least do it in the right way.”

Along with him, another rebel MLA Murari Lal Meena said he was disheartened by the bizarre claims made by Ashok Gehlot. “We have neither left the Congress party nor have joined hands with the BJP”. He added that they were in Delhi to have a word with the high command on the failures of Ashok Gehlot.

He added, “He said that we are being detained by the BJP. However, we have not communicated with BJP leaders until now. Sadly, our family members are scared after he chose to intimidate us with SOG. This is the treatment meted out to fellow members of the Congress fraternity. He needs to mend his ways else the Congress party will suffer.”

The Rajasthan high court has ordered status quo.