Bengaluru: Hard work and tenacity of purpose always help you reach your goals. 

26-year-old Sonal is a living example of it. 

The youngster is all set to take charge as a judge in Rajasthan. 

She had cracked the Rajasthan Judicial Services Commission exams in 2018. 

Hailing from a milkman’s family that is financially not sound, she struggled hard to reach the top. 

Her parents took loans to fund her education. She used to study in the cowshed most of the time and bear all the hardships. 

"Most of the time, my chappals would be smeared with the cow dung. When I was in school, I felt ashamed to tell my classmates that I was from a milkman's family. But now, I feel proud of my parents," she said, as quoted by Times of the time. 

Such were the financial constraints in her family that she did not take private tuitions and purchased costly books. 


She used to cycle to her college before her classes started and study in the library. The report added that she had a makeshift table made out of empty oil cans placed at a corner of their cowshed where she used to study while taking care of their cattle.

Luck backs those who work hard: 

When the exam results were declared, Sonal fell short by one mark. So her name was added to the waitlist. 

However, she was lucky as the ones who were notified and asked to join the services did not turn up. That is when the government asked the ones on the waitlist to report to work. 

Now, as her name features, she is a happy lot.