Raichur: The state government has transferred the alleged rape-murder case of a 23-year-old engineering student in Raichur to the CID. Kamal Pant, additional DG of Police has said that an order has been issued by the Director General of Police.

The victim's mother alleged that the daughter had been murdered and the uncle of the accused tried to cover up the matter.

"My daughter has not committed suicide, it is a murder," said her mother during a press conference in Raichur on Saturday.

She also alleged that Anjaneya, a constable in the Raichur district women's police station was the uncle of the accused, Sudarshan Yadav.

She stated that Anjaneya prevented the family from filing a missing case and further alleged that he returned the victim's phone and bike even before her body was discovered.

On April 13, the parents of the engineering student rushed to Raichur police station. They alleged that Anjaneya sent them back saying their daughter would return in a few days.

The following day, Anjaneya returned the victim's phone and scooter. However, the victim's body was found on April 16.

The parents allege that Anjaneya knew what had happened to the victim and was shielding Sudarshan.

The victim's parents now demand investigation against the constable.

Sudarshan had allegedly been "torturing" the victim the last six months. "He troubled her on the way to and from college. We have even noticed him near our house several times," they said.

Furthermore, reports suggest that the place where the victim's body was found hanging belonged to Sudarshan Yadav's father.

Initially, her death was said to be a suicide after a note was found beside her body. But her parents and college-mates staged intense protests stating that she was not worried about failing in the exams as mentioned in the (poorly drafted) alleged suicide letter. They said she was good at studies.