New Delhi: Shortly after Rahul Gandhi refused to apologise for "Rape in India" comment saying he is not "Rahul Savarkar", BJP leader Sambit Patra on Saturday (December 14) said that the Congress leader can rather be termed "Rahul Thoda Sharm Kar".

"Rahul Gandhi can never become Savarkar. Savarkar was veer (brave) and patriot. Rahul Gandhi speaks the language of Pakistan on Article 370, Balakot airstrikes, surgical strikes and CAB. He can never emulate Veer Savarkar. If Rahul Gandhi wants a new name then from today BJP will call him 'Rahul Thoda Sharm Kar (Rahul, have some shame)'. A man who compares 'Make in India' with 'Rape in India' has crossed all limits," Patra told reporters.

Earlier in the day, while addressing the "Bharat Bachao" rally in New Delhi, Rahul had said that he would not apologise for his remark.

"I was told by the BJP in Parliament yesterday, 'Rahul Ji, you gave a speech. Apologise for that.' I was told to apologise for something which is right. My name is not Rahul Savarkar. My name is Rahul Gandhi. I will never apologise for truth," he said.

On Friday, the Congress leader refused to apologise for his comment, saying that the issue is being raised by the BJP to deflect the attention of the people from protests in the North-East over Citizen Amendment Act.

He had also said that the incidents of rape were being reported from different parts of India as the incidents were happening everywhere.

Both Houses of Parliament on Friday witnessed uproar as BJP members demanded an apology from the former Congress president.

Union minister Smriti Irani has also approached the Election Commission of India (ECI) seeking intense action against Gandhi for allegedly using crimes against women as a political tool.