Kalaburagi: Congress president Rahul Gandhi continues to lash out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the Rafale aircraft. Addressing a gathering in Kalaburagi, Rahul Gandhi didn’t mince words when he again labelled Narendra Modi Chowkidar.  

Saying that the youth of Karnataka were cheated of their employment opportunities as Modi allegedly handed over the deal to France instead of HAL, he further added that he was only making the life of Ambani better.

From the issue of Rafale, the next point of attack was the alleged overpowering of institutions like the CBI. To drive home his point, the Rahul Gandhi said that the Prime Minister overthrew the CBI director hours after he was reinstated by the Supreme Court.

Whenever any opposition party criticises the Prime Minister, it is customary that the party rakes up the issue of Rs 15 lakh. Making fun of him again over the issue, he added that Modi was not just a thief, but also a proponent of lies.  

Targeting the Prime Minister for his alleged Chowkidar twitter handle, Rahul Gandhi lamented that the Prime Minister is making the whole country Chowkidar! And he added that the Prime Minister was busy doing ‘chowkidari’ of Ambani, Mehul Choksi and Nirav Modi.

Finally, Rahul Gandhi didn’t miss out on an opportunity to broach the topic of article 371J. Adding that it was the Congress, which brought in an amendment to grant special status to Hyderabad-Karnataka region, he reiterated that the Congress was the only party to respond to the calls of the general public and help them in whatever way possible.

Reacting to his speech, Sreenath Sheshadri, BJP spokesperson, said, “Rahul Gandhi has lost focus and keeps reiterating same lies. There is nothing new in what he says.”

Elections are due in the state of Karnataka on the April 18 and 23. With elections fast approaching, allegations and counter-allegations will continue.