Bengaluru: Former AICC chief Rahul Gandhi does it again! This time, it is with former US diplomat Nicholas Burns. 

In a video chat with the former diplomat, which was held in relation to the George Floyd’s death and consequent protests, Rahul Gandhi said that India was going through intolerance and people are being split in the name of religion and added that it was being done by nationalists. 

He said, "I feel this division which occurs is tremendously weakening for the country. But the people who do it, portray it as the strength of the country. When you divide Hindus and Muslims and Sikhs in India, you are weakening the structure of the country. The people who do this claim to be nationalists.” 

To this, Nicholas Burns said, "I see strength when democracies like ours go through trials. At least we can do that. You see the rise of authoritarianism in countries such as China and Russia."

Rahul Gandhi also trained his guns on the relationship India and the US share. 

He said, "We see how the partnership between India and the US has become very transactional and episodic during the present times. A relationship that used to be very broad like education, defence, healthcare has narrowed down only to defence. What kind of future do you see for the two countries.” 

To this, this is what the former diplomat said. 

"There is very little that our two political parties the Democrats and the Republicans agree on. But one thing they both believe is that we ought to have a strong and close partnership with India. We're the two largest global democracies in the world. The secret to this relationship has been the strong Indian American community here in the states. They are a big asset to us."

Such a statement by Rahul Gandhi reminds of his Hindu terror charade which he had spouted several years ago. 

Then, as revealed by Wikileaks, Rahul Gandhi had said, "There was evidence of some support for [Islamic terrorist group Laskar-e-Taiba] among certain elements in India's indigenous Muslim community, the bigger threat may be the growth of radicalised Hindu groups, which create religious tensions and political confrontations with the Muslim community".