Bengaluru: Beekeeping and pearl farming. They can be lucrative and profitable. 

Three brothers from Uttar Pradesh testify this. 

These three brothers - Rohit Anand Pathak, Mohit Anand Pathak and cousin Shwetank Pathak took interest in these activities by investing Rs 1 and half lakh. 

It all began with Shwetank. He did his MA and B.Ed from BHU. But his interest lay somewhere else. He collected much information about pearl farming from the internet and spoke to it with his brothers. 

In fact, he went to a college in Bhubaneswar and took training in pearl farming. 

After he had gained sufficient knowledge, he returned to his village and started pearl farming. 

Rohit says, “I did my MBA after graduation from BHU. From 2010, I started working in a big company of the country. There was a package of over eight lakh rupees. However, I always wanted to leave the job and return to the village. I motivated both my brothers to do something in the village. In November 2018, my younger brother Shwetank started a small work with two thousand oysters. Mohit and I were constantly in touch with the phone”.

It was in July 2020 that the three brothers decided to quit their jobs and devote their entire time to beekeeping and pearl farming.

Shwetank Pathak says, “Agrikash is an institution formed by our family. We started with 4000 oysters. Today, more than 12 thousand oysters have been installed. We had been searching for a long time on the internet for pearl farming. Elder brother Rohit guides both the brothers as well as imparts skill training to other youth. More than 50 youth and farmers are associated with them”. 

The three brothers have also got recognition from the Prime Minister Narendra Modi as he took their names for the promotion of Atmanirbhar Bharat.