Bengaluru: There are a lot of people who help others putting their own lives at risk. One such is Shravan Kumar, 22 years old. 

Shravan Kumar has saved several people from drowning in the Ganges. 


For the last 10 years, he has put his own life at risk as he keeps his eyes and ears on the waters. For making ends meet, he sells flowers, but always ensures he is present in order to extend a helping hand. 

It is also important to note that he has saved even those who wanted to drown themselves intentionally. And there are those who would have slipped accidentally into the water body. 

Shravan had to quit school early as his father was ill and he had to take care of the family. 

Back to the issue of protecting people, he says, “Timing is of great essence here. Even a fraction of delay can cause irreparable damage. With experience, I can make out a difference between a suicide attempt and accidental fall,” as quoted by Times of India.  

In the process, Shravan has also lost a couple of his mobile phones but doesn’t mind it as saving the lives of people matters more to him. 

He says, “I have seen death from very close quarters. It was around seven years ago when a 15-year-old fell into the river. It took me some time to reach him. When I went deeper, I saw him. His eyes were open and he was trembling like fish out of water. Those would have been his last moments. I pulled him out somehow. It took half-an-hour to revive him, but he lived. He is now 18 years old and comes to meet me every year from Agra,” adds the website. 

It is people like him who reiterate to us that the world is still a place where such selfless souls exist.