Bengaluru: At 70 years, most of us would like to have a relaxed life, a life far from the mundane stuff. 

But here is a grandmother, who works hard at this age, in spite of the hardships she faces biologically. 

The elderly woman, Bebe ji, takes to cooking and selling it on the roadside. 

The story was reported from Jalandhar, Punjab. 
In a small stall, the lady cooks dal, parathas and sabzi. 

In a video shared of hers, she can be heard saying, "People spend an extravagant amount to eat in big hotels, but here at my stall, the food is affordable and reasonable.” 


 As the video went viral, many expressed their respect for the elderly lady and her grit and determination to be so active in spite of her advanced age. 

People rushing to her help is welcome. And the role of social media in reaching out to such people and giving them a platform to express their views and advertise their talents cannot be relegated at all. 

At a time when youngsters feel demotivated at the slightest of vicissitudes, here is a woman who stands tall and earns her living. 

One user who replied to the tweet, said, “Look at the calm and patience on her face. The kind of grit she is carrying is definitely not available with everyone. Probably her good time has come through.”