Karachi: Tomatoes in Pakistan are a new luxury as the price of the vegetable has soared as high as Rs 150 per kilo in Karachi. Pakistan is feeling the pinch as Indian farmers have stopped the supply of tomatoes to Pakistan post-Pulwama attack.

According to Pakistani media, the recent shortage of tomatoes has led to an increase in the price from Rs 130 to Rs 160 per kg in Pakistan. As per the report, first rate tomatoes are sold for Rs 100 per kg at the wholesale market and Rs 105 per kg at the regular market. Second rate tomatoes are supposedly sold at the wholesale market for Rs 75 per kg and Rs 80 per kg at the regular market.

However, tomatoes are being sold for anywhere between Rs 120 and Rs 150 per kg.

Interestingly, the rate of tomatoes in India is five times lesser, costing Rs 30 per kg.

MyNation had earlier reported that farmers of Jhabua in Madhya Pradesh have decided that they will not send their Petlawad tomatoes to Pakistan. The tomato grown in this tehsil is very famous in Pakistan and the farmers of Jhabua have decided that their tomatoes might get rotten or might have to be thrown, but they will not send them to a country bearing the terrorists.

The move came after the Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorist organisation of Pakistan suicide-bombed the CRPF personnel in the Armed Forces of Pulwama in Jammu and Kashmir.

 Interestingly, in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) and houses of stone pelters, tomatoes are much in demand. There is also an increase in the price of tomatoes in the Kashmir region and PoK due to its demand. Interestingly, more than normal quantity of tomatoes were found during the recent searches in stone-pelters' houses. Some of them claimed that they stocked up for a function while some others blamed the law and order situation as well as the price rise.

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Meanwhile, a Pakistan-based journalist in his news channel criticised India’s threat of banning tomatoes to Pakistan. He used ‘tauba-tauba’ multiple times to express his anger. His video went viral on social media as people were making fun and creating memes.