Bengaluru: The unforgettable, dastardly and blood-curdling attack on Indian soldiers in Pulwama, also known as Pulwama attacks, completes one year tomorrow (February 14). 

While the whole nation was engrossed in the celebrations of Valentine’s Day, the news of more than 40 Indian soldiers martyred came in as something literally indigestible and unacceptable. 

The whole of India erupted with anger and indignation. Every Indian wanted revenge, for they did not want the sacrifices of soldiers go a waste. 

The incident: 

A suicide bomber Adil Ahmad Dar, belonging to Pulwama district, also a member of Jaish-e-Mohammed drove his vehicle into a convoy of vehicles carrying our soldiers, killing tens of them on the spot. 

Balakot Airstrike: 

As the chorus for befitting retaliation reached a crescendo, the Indian government was under pressure to avenge the insult. 

So in a matter of less than a fortnight, as many as 12 Indian fighter jets (Mirage 2000) crossed the Line of Control and bombed Balakot, targeting the Jaish-e-Mohammed training camps, and killing around 350 terrorists. 

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The shameful doubting Thomases: 

Even though the Indian security forces had accomplished the revenge, many Indian political parties sadly doubted the airstrikes. So the Indian Air Force came out with the proof. 


The political reactions: 

Tall leaders like Sharad Pawar used the incident to hit out at Modi. In the run-up to the Maharashtra elections, he said only a Pulwama-like incident could help BJP win in Maharashtra. 

On the other hand, Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan openly said that abrogation of articles 35A and 370 would lead to Pulwama-like incidents. 

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The remembrance: 

Highly disturbed at what had happened, every Indian’s blood was boiling. He wanted to help the families of the martyred soldiers. So stalwarts like Lata Mangeshkar donated Rs 1 crore to the families. 

Using music, dance and arts, members of India's classical artistes fraternity paid their respects and homage to the 40 martyrs. 

A year on… 

The United States has kept on saying that a redux of Pulwama-like attacks would only be more problematic. But a cantankerous Pakistan continues to push more terror into India. 

The wife of a martyred soldier aptly sums it up: "We want justice and the attackers should be punished. We still have a lot of sorrow. Not only our family but the other family members of the martyred jawan are also living with it.” 

On the occasion of the extremely unfortunate incident, we salute our soldiers. 

Indeed, our soldiers are our pride!