Bengaluru: It’s not shocking but shameful and sad that a young student, who should have been securing her future by concentrating on academics, resorted to anti-India slogans on a platform meant to register ill-will against the CAA. 

The girl, identified as Amulya Leona, a 19-year-old girl journalism student from NMKRV college in the city, appeared unapologetic for her misdemeanour. 

As she was whisked away by the police, she even waved to the camera, as she had accomplished something big in life. 

However, this girl is just the tip of the iceberg. She only represents an entire coterie and cohort working overtime to tutor and brainwash such gullible minds into doing such needless histrionics and razzamatazz, thereby giving such young minds a stage to grow ostensibly, but insidiously building a team to rip the society apart. 

As we lament the fate of such impressionable minds, a video in which Amulya herself speaks about her indoctrination and how she accepts that she is only the face and there is a big network inside has gone viral. 

Watch the video here: 


Shockingly, as we write this article, there were news reports that similar slogans were being raised in the same city of Bengaluru even as Amulya is being interrogated, trickled in. 

The identity of this girl, who seconded Amulya, has not been disclosed. 

At the same time, the nation has erupted in anger and indignation at the slogans being shouted in favour of Pakistan. 

Well, the CAA is just a law to give citizenship to persecuted minorities of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. 

The law is to ensure such minorities are integrated with India on an emotional and social basis. 

However, if there are voices who seem disgruntled and discriminated against, they have all the rights to protest, but to submit to the feelings of Pakistan is not just cheap but worrisome as well. 

Moreover, as the matter is now sub-judice, it would be better to remain patient and wait for the top court’s verdict on the same.