Bengaluru: Is Priyanka Gandhi following in the footsteps of her younger brother Rahul Gandhi to whom gaffes, blunders and contradictions are a quotidian? 

Well, if one goes by the Twitter reaction of Priyanka Gandhi, it certainly seems so! 

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Earlier today (July 10) gangster Vikas Dubey was eliminated in an encounter as he tried to flee from police custody. 

Congress and its coterie jumped to the conclusion that it was a fake encounter. 

But take a look at what Priyanka Gandhi put out on twitter. 

“BJP government has turned Uttar Pradesh into ‘apradh pradesh’. Criminals like #VikasDubey are prospering & being shielded by people in power. Congress demands a probe by a sitting Supreme Court judge in the entire Kanpur episode,” Priyanka Gandhi said. 




“The Law and order have immensely deteriorated and as a result of which dreaded criminals like Dubey are flourishing in the state. They have huge businesses and political connections,” she further added.  

What befuddles anyone is how Priyanka Gandhi can accuse the Yogi government of shielding gangster like Vikas Dubey while on the other hand, she says they have eliminated him in an encounter. 

It is a question of ‘either’ or ‘or’ as the two ‘shielding’ and ‘eliminating’ can’t happen ubiquitously. Therefore, her statement comes as a paradox which only displays her uncertainty. 

Of course, there are many who have questioned the veracity of the encounter. They have expressed their doubts on the sequences leading to the encounter. But Priyanka Gandhi’s statement seems very confusing. 

Probably, her advisers need to be more careful before tutoring her.


Else, she will certainly join the league of her brother, who has etched a name for himself in blurting out incohesive, incoherent non-sequiturs.