Wayanad: Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, who reached in Wayanad on Saturday, lashed out at the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. She said that there has been a "weaker government" and "weaker Prime Minister" than the incumbent ones. She told people that they deserve a Prime Minister, who respects them and one who does not dismiss his own promises casually. 

Priyanka was addressing a rally in Kerala’s Wayanad, the second seat from where Rahul Gandhi is contesting.

"Sisters and brothers of Wayanad, I have never seen a weaker government, than the government that has been in power for the last five years in India. I have never seen a weaker Prime Minister than the Prime Minister of India today. My sisters and brothers, I think you deserve better. I think you deserve a government that speaks for you," she said.

"You deserve a government that encourages you to raise your voice even when it is against the government. I believe you deserve a Prime Minister, who respects you and who respects every word that he speaks before you and one who does not dismiss his own promises," she added.

Priyanka said her brother was under personal attack for the last ten years and that he was different from what opposition parties have portrayed him to be.

Besides Wayanad, Priyanka is also expected to hold a series of meeting in Malappuram district.

She even said BJP, when it came to power, forgot who gave them the power. "Five years ago, a government came to power that was voted with majority. The people of our country, with all their wisdom, rested their faith upon them. But from the moment it came to power, it began to betray the faith of the people," she said.

(With PTI inputs)