Bengaluru: One of the many pseudos who walk out in the garb of liberals but end up being terribly exposed for their hypocrisy is Prashant Bhushan. 

Just to jog your memory, Prashant Bhushan keeps harping against the majority and was in the vanguard of filing a case against the Rafale deal and also, has etched his name in the needless and orchestrated protests against the NRC and CAA. 

In fact, this gang, which goes against the NRC and CAA has also coined a phrase Kagaz nahi dikhayenge, which means they won’t be showing any document to prover their citizenship. 
But there is one interesting story that you should all read. 

It is reported that on Thursday when he was protesting in New Delhi and the cops arrived at the place to thwart any untoward incidents and asked him to move, Prashant Bhushan, along with Yogendra Yadav refused to budge and in turn, asked the police show their ID card as proof. 

The reason given by him what that there might be impostors in the garb of police. 


While he lectures on Kagaz nahi dikhayenge, he demands the police to show their ID card. What hypocrisy! 


The behaviour exhibited by Prashant Bhushan is a classic example of how the Left-leaning intellectuals manipulate circumstances and twist reasoning to suit their whims and fancies. 

They talk a lot but when it comes to walking their talk, they come up ridiculous excuses. But when the government gives the same reasons, they shout their lungs out crying intolerance and fascism. 

All that the CAA is does is to grant citizenship to persecuted non-Muslims of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh who have been residing in India hitherto December 31, 2014. 

The plight and privations Hindus face in these countries – from extortion to rapes – should have moved these Left-leaners, but sadly, that is not to be.