Bengaluru: In an exhibition of inclusiveness, the first prasad of bhumi pujan performed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi was given to a Dalit family. 

Mahabir, the head of the family, received the prasad, along with Tulis Mala and Ramcharitmanas. 

Incidentally, Mahabir also happens to the be the same person who Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath visited under Pradhan Mantri Awaz Yojana. The CM also had also had his meal during the Lok Sabha campaign last year. 

The bhumi pujan was performed at roughly 12. 30 pm on August 5 in the presence of priests and monks of different sects of Hinduism. 


After the pujan, Modi addressed the gathering and touched upon various important topics that Lord Ram was associated with. 

Highlights of his speech: 

1.    Lord Rama made social harmony the cornerstone of his rule. He learned from Guru Vashistha, Motherhood from Shabari, Cooperation with Lord Hanuman and Vanvasi brothers and gained trust from the subjects. He also gladly accepted the importance of a squirrel.

2.    Lord Rama resides inside the hearts of all of us. I believe that this grand Ram Temple to be built in Ayodhya, like the name of Lord Rama, will reflect the rich heritage of Indian culture. I believe it will inspire the entire humanity till eternity.

3.    We have to ensure that the message of Lord Rama and the Ram Temple, the message of our thousands of years of tradition reaches the whole world continuously.

4.    Rama stands for modernity, openness of thought. We'll have to remember that whenever mankind believed in Lord Rama, progress took place. Whenever we deviated from the path, doors to destruction opened. We'll have to keep everyone's sentiments in mind. We've to ensure everyone's development with support and trust of all.

The temple will take two to three years for completion.