Chennai: Families of victims in the Pollachi sexual assault case have come forward, seeking justice. This comes after an altercation broke out between a victim's brother and the alleged perpetrators, when AIADMK member A Nagaraj came to the rescue of the accused.

The incident then took a political turn after DMK accused the AIADMK of protecting the perpetrators.

The victim’s brother spoke to the media and said, “Many victims are not coming forward to lodge a complaint because of their political backing. They are trying to politicise things, but we have asked the police to look at it as an individual incident.”


In view of allegations that have come against the AIADMK, Member of Legislative Assembly V Jayaraman addressed the media saying, “These are all triggered by Stalin's son-in-law Sabbarisaran. I'm saying this because he has used images of me that have not been published anywhere. This itself shows the big lie.”

Jayaraman also went on to say that the truth of the matter was that DMK’s Thendral Selvaraj’s son is a close friend of the prime accused in the Pollachi sexual assault case. 

The AIADMK has stated that the motive behind such allegations is to bring a bad name to the party in Pollachi ahead of the Lok Sabha polls.  The party has said that these are tactics that the DMK is using to oust the ruling government.

MyNation spoke to DMK spokesperson A Saravanan who said, “If it is a political motive then why did they remove Nagaraj from the party? They are trying to cover up. If not for social media, Nagaraj would have continued in the AIADMK and would have enjoyed political patronage. “

Saravanan added that Kanimozhi is conducting a protest seeking speedy justice for the victims. The next course of action will be decided following the government’s reaction, added Saravanan.

Prime accused Thirunavukkarasu had allegedly informed Nagaraj of the altercation he had with a victim's brother. 

Nagaraj, who was the AIADMK Jayalalithaa Peravai's 34th ward secretary in Pollachi, had joined the four-member gang to assault the victim's brother. He also allegedly threatened him of dire consequences. 

The AIADMK had then expelled Nagaraj from the party.

On February 24, a victim had filed a complaint with the Pollachi police accusing four people of sexually assaulting her in a moving car.

The woman was asked to step out of college during her lunch break to meet one of the four accused.

When she met him, he asked her to get into the car where three other men had been hiding. A video has come out with the accused admitting to what he had done to the victim in the car.

The accused said, in the video, that he took the girl into the car and tried to kiss her before disrobing her. He even mentions the fact that the girl pleaded with him to not do it.