New Delhi: Honey and Phantom, members of the Azamgarh police dog squad, have been rewarded Rs 5,000 for cracking a blind murder and kidnapping case. The canines sniffed out and tracked the criminal who was living 700-800 meters away from the spot of crime.

According to the police, on March 26, they were approached by the family member of 14-year-old Sachin Yadav, who called his mother from an unidentified number and said that he had been kidnapped and the man is demanding Rs 10 lakh to release him. The mobile phone was switched off after the call.

The entire conspiracy was hatched by a local, Ravi Kumar, who was friends with the victim’s father, Santosh Yadav. The accused knew that Santosh had accumulated a lot of wealth after selling his property in Mumbai and had built a new house in Azamgarh. The accused also knew that Yadav had deposited the rest of the money in the bank.

Ravi Kumar made a plan to abduct his friend’s son by luring him to meet a girl. The victim in the evening came to meet him where Ravi overpowered and kidnapped him. He forced the victim to call his parents from a new mobile connection and ask for ransom. After making the call, Sachin threatened to disclose everything once he is released.

Ravi panicked and hit him on the head with an axe and also strangulated him with his muffler. He tried to dispose off the body by throwing it into a well and later even tried to burn it. During the process, he dropped his muffler near the well at the spot where police recovered the body of the boy.

“It was a blind murder case as all we had was a mobile number from which the ransom call was made. The call was made through a new connection, and the phone was stolen from another local. We had recovered his muffler and then we decided to deploy our dog squad,” said Triveni Singh, Superintendent of Police, Azamgarh.

The two canines were made to sniff the only evidence cops had and then they were instructed to track the accused. Both the Labrador dogs tracked the killer who was living 700-800 meters away from the spot. After he was identified as a friend of the victim’s father, other digital evidences were corroborated. Ravi Kumar then confessed to his crime after which the mobile and weapons he used in to commit the crime were also recovered.

“It was a very difficult to crack this case. All credit goes to two Labrador in our police team who have been rewarded with Rs 5,000,” Triveni Singh said.