Bengaluru: Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered the keynote address at the India Ideas Summit hosted by the US-India Business Council.  

Here are the highlights: 

1.    “It has taken a global pandemic to remind us how important resilience is.” 

2.    “The recent experience has taught the world that the global economy has been too focused on efficiency and optimisation. Efficiency is a good thing. But, on the way, we forgot to focus on something equally important. That is resilience against external shocks."

3.    “Today, there is global optimist towards India. This is because India offers a perfect combination of openness, opportunities & technologies. India celebrates openness in people & in governance. Open minds make open market &open markets lead to greater prosperity.”

4.    “Every year, we are reaching record highs in FDI. FDI inflows in India in 2019-20 were $74 billion, an increase of 20% from the year before that.” 

5.    “Even during the pandemic, India has attracted foreign investment of more than $20 billion between April-July.” 

6.    “We have what's needed to power the global economic recovery. The rise of India means a rise in trade opportunities with a nation that you can trust.” 

7.    “India and US are two vibrant democracies with shared values. We're natural partners. Our friendship has scaled many heights.” 

8.    “I would like to tell American investors there's never been a better time to invest in India.” 

9.    “It's time that our ties play an important role in helping the world bounce back from the pandemic.”