New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday revealed that he intended to call officials from all coastal states for a meeting in the coming few months to share best practices in disaster management and discuss a roadmap to further beef up cyclone preparedness.
Chairing a review meet over cyclone Fani in Bhubaneshwar on Monday, attended also by Odisha chief minister Naveen Patnaik, the PM said, “Maybe we should do it in Bhubaneswar. Others can learn so much from the work done by the Centre and the state here.”

Odisha, a global model

The prime minister pointed out that disaster management in Odisha should be a global model, studied by leading universities and students.
Referring to a series of news articles appreciating the disaster management efforts in Odisha, PM Modi, “It is only natural that many people will be coming to Odisha in the near future to study the work done, for which we should prepare ourselves.”
He said, “We should be thinking about selecting groups of villages where people can visit and urge locals to share their experiences — when they came to know about the impending disaster, what did they do next etc. Compiling these experiences will enrich even the work of the government in disaster management.” 

Centre-State Teamwork

The prime minister lauded the efforts of the state government and the CM.
“This meeting was a great display of cooperative federalism. PM Modi said that the Centre and State worked together, which has benefitted people,” an official at the meeting said.
Appreciating CM Patnaik, the PM said, “Straight upon landing, I told the chief minister that what you and your team have done is remarkable.”
“I have been in touch with the chief minister constantly. When the cyclone situation was approaching a few days ago, I called the chief minister early in the morning and in five minutes, we were talking. Such quick communication between a prime minister and chief minister is a good sign,” PM Modi added.

All in the mind

Winning the psychological battle was the best way towards normalcy, PM Modi pointed.

“The moment schools and colleges start, a feeling of normalcy comes into people’s minds and they feel confident to go about their routines. Thus, whenever possible, schools should begin without a delay,” PM Modi added.