Geneva (Switzerland): Political activists from Pakistan have requested Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to speak about the human rights violations in Sindh and other provinces during the upcoming UN General Assembly.

Speaking at a “Conference on minorities and democratic process in Pakistan” in Geneva during the 42nd Session of Human Rights Council, Munawar Sufi Laghari, executive director of Sindhi Foundation said, “The difficulty in Sindh is the fear. The most difficult challenge is to over that fear. This cannot overcome inside the Sindh, so the only hope is outside. And my emphasis is that as UN and other countries like US and Prime Minister Modi are coming to the United Nations, I am suggesting, he must talk about the Sindh because India got the name from the Sindh and lot of Sindhis are living in India and outside”.

Laghari said, “At least he (Modi) can talk about human rights, he can talk about the religious freedom as what America talk about. Recently, a conference on religious freedom was held in Washington DC and on August 22 was the International Religious Freedom Day. And, it was some international counties like Canada, Poland, US, UK passed the resolution on May 2019, so Prime Minister Modi should talk about religious freedom in the Sindh.”


Courtesy: ANI