Nashik: Blaming the Congress for the plight of Kashmiris for decades, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday, 19 September, called for "hugging each Kashmiri and creating a "new paradise" in the valley.

Launching the BJP's poll campaign for next month's Maharashtra Assembly elections, PM Modi said a lot of efforts are being made from across the border to foment violence in Jammu and Kashmir.

The decision to revoke provisions under Article 370 was a decision for the unity of India, PM Modi said. "This decision is going to be the medium for fulfilling the aspirations and dreams of the people of Jammu and Kashmir," he said.

"A lot of efforts are being taken from across the border to spread unrest and disbelief and foment violence in Jammu and Kashmir," he said.

"The youth, mothers and sisters in Jammu and Kashmir have made up their mind to come out of the long period of violence. They want development and new job opportunities," he said.

The implementation of the Constitution in totality in Jammu and Kashmir wasn't just the decision of a government, but was done keeping in view the sentiments of 130 crore Indians, he said.

“Cattle don’t vote,” PM Modi said on criticism that his government’s programme to vaccinate 50 crore livestock is a political move.

The national animal disease control programme is aimed at eradicating foot and mouth disease and brucellosis in livestock and vaccinating over 50 crore livestock, including cattle, buffalo, sheep, goats and pigs against foot and mouth disease.