Bengaluru: The Narendra Modi government’s will to bring back stranded Indians abroad saw the commission of the Vande Bharat mission. In phase one, a number of Indians were brought back. 

Now, phase two of the Vande Bharat mission will take place from May 16 and have over 149 flights, including feeder flights, bringing back Indian nationals from as many as 31 different countries over a span of seven days, as reported by a popular website.

The number of flights operated could also go up to as much as 160 in total, as the website added. 

In the first and ongoing phase, the government is operating lesser than half the number of flights which have been planned for the second phase. The total number of flights under the ongoing phase stands at 64, which by 15 May would have brought back 14,800 Indian nationals from 12 nations.

In the second leg of the mission, the Government will shift the focus from Gulf nations, with only 39 of the total 149 flights planned to bring back people from the region.

Meanwhile, the United States (US) will be receiving the maximum of these flights, at 13.

Canada, United Kingdom (UK) and Australia will follow with 10, nine and seven flights to India respectively. Also, India will be facilitating six flights from Ukraine where Indian students are stranded.

The Vande Bharat mission is an exercise to bring back stranded Indians abroad.