Birbhum: The ruling Trinamool Congress is using every trick in the book to win the Lok Sabha election in 2019, it seems. After booth capturing, violence and intimidation now TMC has resorted to spraying perfume on the button allotted for its candidates to ascertain, whether one has voted for the ruling party or not, reports Ananda Bazar Patrika. The incident is being reported from Majhigram village of Mangalkote area that falls under the Birbhum Lok Sabha parliamentary constituency.

The TMC cadres are sniffing every voter coming out of the polling station in the area and those whose fingers don't smell fragrant are reportedly harassed. Because only if one votes for the TMC candidate, their fingers can be aromatic. Though TMC has rubbished such charges, Birbhum district has seen widespread intimidation in the run-up to the election on Monday. This method was executed in booth no 132 of Bakula, reports the Bengali daily. 

There has been widespread violence in the Bengal polls. But the question that begs an answer is how is it possible for TMC cadres to apply perfume on EVM button. Many believe it has been done with help from a section of Election Commission officials and paramilitary forces who are 'managed' by the ruling party, says the report.

Bengal is witnessing an unprecedented 7-phase-polling this time and a massive deployment of central forces. In spite of that, the state has seen large scale violence during the election, with even incidents of bombs being hurled at polling booths during the third phase of the election. Even on Monday, visuals emerged of TMC agents pressing the EVM button on behalf of electorates in a blatant violation of election rules.