Bengaluru: A woman was shot dead by her brother in Pakistan for talking to her neighbour.

The shocking incident rocked Pakistan's Clifton area of Karachi where a woman was shot in the head by her brother for talking to her neighbour.

The incident occurred on Saturday.

The victim is identified as Nooral Huda Shah (19 years old) and the accused Hasnain Qamar, her brother.

After the sounds of gunshots were heard, police were called, and the victim was rushed to hospital where doctors declared her ‘brought dead’.

The accused, a sub-inspector in the Land Department of District Municipal Corporation South allegedly confessed to killing his sister for the sake of protecting the family’s honour.

It is said the accused had warned his sister against talking to the neighbour. However, she continued. Enraged by this, the brother shot her during an argument over the issue.

In the last week or so, such disturbing developments have been reported from Pakistan. 

A 14-year-old minor Christian girl who was abducted and forced to marry was asked to go back to him (abductor) and be a good wife by the Lahore high court. 

However, a lower court had asked her to be sent to a rehabilitation centre. 

In another development, a maulvi had sodomised a child reading Quran in a mosque. The visuals of the act had been caught on CCTV and human rights activist had questioned the act. 

The activist had questioned: “It happens everyday around country but not considered blasphemy in Islam. 1000s Non-Muslims lynched by mob, or are in death row on false allegations.” 

He had further tweeted, “Rape, Sexual activities in House of Allah are not blasphemy? Why no punishment, While kill non-Muslims on small things? Is this ok to do this in presence of Quran & Allah? What about Islamic Prayer NAMAZ on such place? Is this ok to perform Namaz where a MOLVI sprayed his semen?”