Bengaluru: Speaking on the steps taken by the government in dealing with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Rajya Sabha MP touched upon various issues, including the authenticity on the genesis of the virus and the constructive role expected to be played by the opposition parties. 

On the unprecedented nature of the pandemic, he said, “COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented in the history of the entire world since Spanish flu of 1918. None of us have had the experience of Spanish flu. The world too has not experienced anything like this. We don’t’ have memories or experience of Spanish flu.”

On the issue of the genesis of the virus, the MP said, “The Chinese government says it originated in a wet market in Wuhan, but there are other reports that contradict that. There is growing evidence that the COVID-19 virus is a deliberate laboratory manmade creation in one of the Chinese PLA labs.”

Lamenting that there is no vaccine yet for the virus, he added that the virus remains vulnerable. He said, “There is no vaccine against this presently. It is safe to assume that the world remains vulnerable.”

The MP tore into the opposition parties for their hostile attitude during this time. He said, “Notwithstanding the views of the wise men and women in the opposition parties, who have become experts in hindsight, the truth is that the world was flying blind during the pandemic, especially, during its early stages.” 
He rued that the world remains elusive and the government has a tough time ahead. He added, “Even today as the vaccine remains elusive, people remain at risk. Governments across the world are having a tough time choosing between protecting lives and livelihoods.”     

Finally, he exhorted the opposition parties to join hands with the government in finding a solution to the pandemic, instead of pointing fingers. 

“The opposition parties and the government should unite and find answers instead of petty criticism.” 

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