Guwahati/New Delhi: In a shocking incident from Assam, a son was denied his father’s last rites after he was ostracised by his community for marrying a non-Brahmin girl.

Religious intolerance and superstitious beliefs have triggered the incident that took place at Garehagi village in Assam's Biswanath district.

According to the reports, Late Suresh Chandra Bhattacharya’s only son Rupjyoti Bhattacharya had been deprived of his rights to perform last rites of his father, who died on March 8.

“I was forced to leave my home due to marriage to a non-Brahmin. The Brahmin Samaj also refused to attend the funeral if I attend there,” Rupjyoti said.

“I am living at Biswanath Charilai with my family and when I heard the news that, my father died, immediately rushed to my native village. When preparations were going on for last rites of my father, my family members and Brahmin Samaj deprived me for my rights.,” Rupjyoti added.