Bengaluru: The moment JD(S) decided to field Nikhil Kumaraswamy as its candidate for the Mandya Lok Sabha in Karnataka, it has literally opened the Pandora’s box! Allegations are flying thick and fast that the Gowda family cares two hoots about probity and neutrality in politics and always encourages the family tree to bloom further.

Now, we can add one more to the list.

A poster has gone viral on social media, asking for Nikhil Kumaraswamy to go back. There are also other posters, which have openly mocked the Gowda family for its ‘family politics’. You may be surprised when we say that the poster says, ‘If Gowda were to be the captain of the Indian cricket team, the team would be filled with Gowda family members.’

Another poster screams: ‘JDS = (Only) for Janata Dal and sons!'

Such mocking posters have openly embarrassed Karnataka chief minister HD Kumaraswamy and his party, making it aptly evident that a few certain individuals are aggrieved by the continuation of family politics.

In fact, Nikhil's father HD Kumaraswamy is so vexed with the developments that he has ordered the intelligence to find out the brains behind the online campaign. As a matter of fact, Kumaraswamy smells  the handiwork of none other than JD(S) workers themselves.

Meanwhile, Kumaraswamy's brother HD Revanna’s comments about Sumalatha entering politics in the immediacy of her husband’s death have certainly not gone down well with many.

BS Yeddyurappa, the BJP state president, has openly chided HD Revanna saying it is not right to comment on such matters as it is the individual’s prerogative. Incidentally, it was not just BS Yeddyurappa, who chose to take a dig at HD Revanna. Even Shobha Karandlaje threw her weight behind Sumalatha.

But one question that comes up prominently at this point is: Is BJP trying to encash on the sympathy factor that the actor is getting? If yes, will Sumalatha agree to contest on a BJP ticket?