Liverpool: Ola has recently launched a fleet of Bajaj and Piaggio autorickshaws in Liverpool, United Kingdom. People in the maritime city saw bright neon green autos ferrying people around.

Bajaj autos were launched by the Indian origin online transportation network company to overtake Uber –another transportation network company based out of San Francisco, California.

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To attract passengers, Ola also offered rides free of charge in Liverpool.

Managing Director of ride-hailing giant Ola Ben Legg also drove people around the city. “I have been driving passengers around the city today and have really enjoyed the chance to discuss the challenges that the community faces and how we can help with our new technology,” said Legg, according to reports.

He also added, “We are celebrating bringing more travel and employment choices to Liverpudlians with our ride-hailing app with the help of the community choir.”

Ola was first launched in the UK in August 2018 in Cardiff. The company slowly expanded its service in Bristol in October and then in Bath and Exeter in November.

Back in India, the Karnataka government recently revoked the suspension on Ola Cabs after it agreed to pay a fine for the operation of bike taxis 'illegally'.

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The state government had on March 22 suspended the licence of Ola Cabs for the next six months with immediate effect saying that it was running bike taxis without permission.

The suspension was lifted after the executives of OlaCabs had a detailed discussion with state chief secretary T M Vijay Bhaskar and other senior officials.

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