Bengaluru: With a view to curbing the spread of coronavirus and keeping the society safe, Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik announced that the lockdown in the state would continue till April 30. 

With this, Odisha becomes the first state in the country to extend the lockdown. 

The CM thanked the people of Odisha for their sacrifice. He said, "During the ongoing lockdown period amid COVID-19 crisis, your discipline and sacrifice have provided us with the strength to fight Coronavirus."

The CM also vowed to save the people of Odisha who are stranded in other parts of the country. 

He said, "In regard to the people from Odisha who are stranded in various parts of the country, our intervention for their well-being will be through the concerned state governments. Odisha will take care of all the people who are stranded in Odisha."

The CM also had a word about random tests. 

"As has been stated earlier, there will not be any problem in transport of goods. We are leaving no stone unturned in scaling up COVID testing and treatment Facilities. We propose to do one lakh rapid testing in the state at the earliest possible time. We would like to thank doctors from all over the country who have volunteered to offer their services.” 

The CM invoked the blessings of Lord Jagannath. He  said, "Coronavirus is the biggest threat that the human race has faced in more than a century. Life will not be the same ever. All of us must understand this and face it boldly together. With our sacrifice and with the blessings of the Lord Jagannath, this too shall pass. 

The Prime Minister held discussions with floor leaders on the issue of continuation of the lockdown. 

It is expected that he will take a final call on the matter only after April 11, after meeting all the CMs in this regard.