New York: Dr. Rupa Murthy – a popular face on social media, also one of the speakers at the first Global NRI Summit held in Dubai has been made a target of a vicious online campaign on social media. All these for supporting Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 

Morphed images of Murthy in sexual positions surfaced on social media, filthy abuses of a sexual nature, constant mental harassment and emotional torture were made by sexual perverts in India – Durgesh Kumar, Mrinal Shukla, Deepak Singhal, Chandravanshi Sachin Mehta, Ayush Vedant, Gaurav Sharma and Rajesh Maurya. She became the target of these perverts for her ardent support for Modi.

Murthy has filed a complaint with the ministry of external affairs, the Indian embassy in US and even emailed a complaint to the Uttar Pradesh police, but so far no action has been taken.

However, the National Council for Women has taken note of the complaint and have urged the Uttar Pradesh Police to take strict action against those involved.

"Now I am really scared. I always dismissed these notions of India being unsafe for women as media hype. But now, after this ordeal, I am beginning to believe that is true. I am forced to cancel my travel plans to India. I am also forced to advise women in my circle in India to stop fighting for women’s safety on cyberspace because it is proving to be useless", said Murthy.

Her harassment still continues as the accused believe that any online complaint by a woman living in the US will not be entertained by the local police in India.

Not too long ago, the chief minister of Bengal Mamata Banerjee had a woman arrested for a meme she posted on her on social media.

Recently, cops have arrested two people for allegedly posting objectionable comments about Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath on social media. However, Murthy has not received any assistance from the police till now.