Bengaluru: You would have heard the popular phrase – When Rome was burning Nero was fiddling. 

This is an age-old saying, but has relevance and significance in the modern times. 

Scion of the Gandhi family, former AICC chief and MP from Wayanad Rahul Gandhi was conspicuous by his absence during the time Delhi burnt. 

At a time when he had to rush to the sensitive areas and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the riot victims, he wasn’t to be found. But his absence was downplayed by the Congress. 

Now, after 10 days of the riots, he led a delegation of Congress members to Northeast Delhi. 

Moreover, as reported by Republic TV, Gandhi loyalist K Suresh admitted that the party was under tremendous pressure to visit the affected areas. He also added that the IUML had already visited the areas and Congress was pressurised to visit the same. 

So then, the ‘riot tour’ that Rahul Gandhi has endeavoured only ends up as a laughing stock. 

Moreover, as reported by the channel, the Congress delegation has not taken the requisite police permission to visit such places. 

It might be recalled that AICC chief Sonia Gandhi had formed a team late last month which would visit the affected places. 

Also, the Congress passed a resolution blaming the BJP for the carnage in Delhi. 

As of now, the casualties in Delhi have been in excess of 40 while the injured remains in excess of 100. 

The BJP was quick to jump into the fray and add that the visit was nothing but a PR exercise for Rahul Gandhi. 

On the other hand, it also stressed the fact that such impromptu visits are uncalled for. 

At the time of writing this article, the Congress leaders were hoarded in 2 buses and had made a stop at Brijpuri. 

On the legal side, the top court is hearing a case on registration of FIRs against those who made hate speeches.