Bengaluru: Lok Sabha saw some heated exchanges as finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman gave befitting replies to several charges levelled by the opposition Congress. 

First was the issue or Adhir Ranjan, Congress leader, calling her ‘Nirbala’. To this, she said, "I have been called names in Parliament. If it is in anyone's DNA to ask questions & run away before answers are given, it is some other party and not our party. Each time we come to give replies instead of name-calling."

She further said, "We are a government that listens, whether it is criticism or an input. When home minister responded to an industry leader, it was with a clear attitude that we are willing to hear or take criticism."

On the issue of suit-boot jibe, she said. "We're told that lowering corporate tax helps only rich. I want to tell them that corporate tax cut helps all small & big businesses registered according to Companies Act."

Replying to a debate on Taxation Law Amendment Bill, 2019 in the Lok Sabha, the minister categorically said there is no decrease in direct tax collection.

The finance minister was in no mood to let go of the Congress. On the accusation that she was the worst finance minister, she said, "I have been told that I am the worst finance minister, they're not even waiting for me to finish my term. I told them to please give me more ideas, we will work on it.” 

The Congress has continuously targeted the BJP for the economy slowdown. But sadly, the observations have not limited themselves to criticisms, with Adhir Ranjan taking personal jibes. 

While she took on the Congress in the Lok Sabha, her party president and Union home minister Amit Shah thundered at an election rally that the NRC would be completed by 2024.