New Delhi: Union finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Thursday (December 5) said her remark on onions was taken “out of context” and it is "misleading".

Nirmala's office tweeted a video of her speech “explaining in detail the steps taken by the government to control onion prices and provide relief to the common man”.

“A part of this video clip is being quoted out of context and is misleading,” the tweet read.

Speaking in Lok Sabha, the finance minister on Wednesday (December 4) said that she does not eat much of onion or garlic and hails from a family where these two vegetables are not much in use.

“I don't eat much of onion-garlic. I come from such a family which doesn't have much to do with onion, she said while speaking on the onion price issue,” she said.

Earlier, former finance minister and INX Media scam accused P Chidambaram who attended Parliament after his release on bail after 106 days in jail, took a jibe at Nirmala for her remark and wondered whether she ate avocado instead. 

“The finance minister said yesterday that she doesn't eat onions, so what does she eat? Does she eat avocado?” Chidambaram questioned.

Nirmala, who was replying to the debate on the first batch of supplementary demands for grants for 2019-20 said that onion prices’ surge was due to factors such as a reduction in the area of cultivation and production.