New Delhi: Involved in a Rs 13 thousand crore bank scam and absconding, Nirav Modi was spotted roaming around freely in the streets of London. The  one whom  all the Indian investigating agencies are in search for, is believed to be living in one of the posh areas of London. The Interpol had already declared red corner against Nirav Modi. A new video of the diamond trader Nirav Modi, who has left the country, shows him in a complete new look in that new look. He has grown his beard as he was seeing walking on the streets.

Captured in camera by a foreign journalist, Nirav Modi was asked several questions which he escaped by saying 'no comment' to get the taxi. The Red Corner Notice against Nirav Modi has already been released and Britain has been appealed twice for its extradition. 

During the winter session in December 2018, the government had told in Parliament that it is engaged in efforts to bring back 58 such fugitives, including Nirav Modi,Mehul Choksi, Lalit Modi and Vijay Mallya, who fled abroad after the scam and are staying there. Efforts are being made to bring Red Corner notices in Interpol and to bring them back through appeals from extradition from different countries. 

A fraud of about 13 thousand crore in Punjab National Bank was detected in January 2018. Even before it came into limelight, the accused Nirav Modi had fled the country. It is alleged that he along with his uncle Mehul Choksi lapsed the Punjab National Bank through fraudulent lanter of undetecting. 

Earlier on Friday, the northeast bungalow of Nirav Modi's in Raigad was demolished using explosives. A special technical team was called for this. The state government had written a letter to the ED last year seeking