Bengaluru: What do you expect of a politician? Some sincerity and efficiency in his works and also, some decency and compassion when he deals with every day issues.

But here is a story that will shock you and leave you dismayed!

NCP corporator Kaptan Malik, who also happens to be the brother of minister Nawab Malik assaulted workers who were repairing power supply network at Kurla in Maharashtra last month. In the video he can be seen behaving like a thug, beating up helpless workers disdainfully.


As the tweet went viral, Nawab Malik issued a statement condemning the act.

He said, "I have heard that this video was being circulated for the past one month. Legal actions should be taken against anybody who takes law in hand. Nobody is above the law. It is the right of the culprit to file a case and it is police's job to conduct investigation over it."

 Offering explanation over the video, Kaptan Mailk also said that the video was old and the people seen in it were involved in illegal activities.

"The video is one month old. I requested them a few times, but they did not stop. Then I caught them red-handed and when I caught them red-handed, they misbehaved with me. So, I replied to that," he said, as quoted by ANI.

In a democratic country, there is no room for Kangaroo courts. All that one has to do is to take action in accordance with the law and not take law into their own hands.