Bengaluru: It was on this day (January 30) that Nathuram Godse pulled the trigger, to kill Mahatma Gandhi. 

The Father of the Nation is no more with us in his mortal coil, as he continues to live on with the help of his principles. 

Well, the Congress continues to condemn the assassination of Gandhiji and leaves no stone unturned to criticise and condemn Nathuram Godse, even to this day, the Congress continues to kill the Mahatma by not following his principles. 

The Mahatma was as a great champion of the eradication of untouchability. Calling the people of lower classes “Harijan” he elevated their status and worked hard towards their absorption into the mainstream. Another strident advocate of deracination and demolition of untouchability was Veer Savarkar. Both of them have worked phenomenally to make India a place for all. 

But what has the Congress done? In the name of inclusion, it has consistently sidelined Hindus since independence. 

Remember how a former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh openly said that Muslims have the first claim to the natural resources of India. 

Another Congress, the TMC, the leader of which is WB CM Mamata Banerjee openly discriminates against Hindus in her state. During Durga puja, she bans the immersion of Durga idols because Muharram coincides with this Hindu festival. 

Then comes the Congress party’s most inimical and hypocritical move. There is no gainsaying that the Congress has stood rock solid behind those killed in the name of cow. Though it is rightful, Congress has not respected the views and sentiments of those Hindus who revere cow as a sacred animal. 

What’s interesting to note is that Mahatma Gandhiji was a great devotee of the sacred animal and wanted Hindus to protect it. This, he believed, was the greatest gift of Hinduism to the world.  

Lastly, to the issue of the CAA. 

After partition, which in itself was a great hammering on the soul of India, Gandhiji wanted the persecuted Sikhs and Hindus of Pakistan to be sheltered in India. But the stance of the Congress, is rankly antithetical to that of Gandhi. As they fight the CAA, they are only negating and countering the views of Gandhi who had envisioned a fair place for all persecuted people 

If Mahatma Gandhi were alive today, he would have preferred death rather than live in an India that the Congress has torn apart.