Thiruvananthapuram: Jyothi Nilayam Higher Secondary School at Menamkulam, Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala has issued transfer certificate to a Class 7 student Shamhana Shajahan after she refused to remove her headscarf. 

According to sources, the Muslim student attended classes for two days ever since the school reopened. But she was issued the transfer certificate (TC) after she refused to remove her headscarf. The parents received the TC and got their daughter admitted to a new school in the state's capital. 

It is reported that the principal stopped the student twice to the classroom. On the first day after the school reopened, the principal asked her to remove the headscarf. On the second day too, the student went to school wearing the headscarf. The principal then told her not to come to school if he continues to wear it.

As the student informed her parents about the matter, they came to the school and had a talk with the principal. In the meeting, the principal said, no student in the school is allowed to wear the headscarf. This rule is followed by the students for the past 48 years, the principal said to media. She added that the school authorities ensure that students follow the uniform code.  No exception can be made for anyone, she said. 

In May, the Muslim Educational Society (MES) in Kerala had issued a circular, which said that it won't allow female students to wear face-covering attires at its educational institutions.

The Kozhikode-based MES was founded in 1964 and has 35 colleges and 72 schools. MES president PA Fazal Gafoor released the circular banning face-covering attires in MES colleges. The circular pointed out that the new law is based on the verdict of the Kerala high court.

The circular even said that modern dresses are unacceptable to the general public. So the institution cannot accept these attires even in the name of modernity or even in the name of rituals.

The circular directed that from the academic year of 2019-20, it should be implemented and that this will be included as law in the next year’s college calendar. 

The move had been slammed by several Muslim organisations. Following this, the circular was withdrawn.

 According to sources, each educational organisation in the state has its own rules and regulations.