A day after four TDP MPs joined BJP, the saffron party general secretary P Muralidhar Rao Friday claimed more leaders are in touch with the party and it will occupy the principal opposition space in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh within two years.

"In the coming days, there will be a lot of changes in Telangana's political scenario. In both the Telugu states - Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, BJP is the only party which can fill the space of opposition in the next two years," he told a press conference here.

His comments come in the backdrop of four of the six TDP MPs in the Rajya Sabha joining the BJP Thursday and seeking merger of the TDP Legislature Party with it in the Upper House.

The Congress in Telangana has also been hit by desertions with 12 of its 18 MLAs in the state joining the ruling TRS.

Congress is a fast-disappearing party in Telangana. Day by day, hour by hour it is getting reduced. Many leaders in the Congress as well as TDP believe BJP under the leadership of Narendra Modi alone can fight against the TRS," Rao said.

Many senior leaders were in touch with the BJP and "they want to join the party. We, in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, invite them to strengthen the party," he claimed.

Buoyed by its good showing in the recent Lok Sabha elections in Telangana, where it won four seats, BJP has set its eyes on further strengthening the party and is wooing leaders from other parties.

Senior TDP leader and former minister E Peddi Reddy has recently said he has plans to join BJP.

Congress MLA K Rajgopal Reddy has openly criticised the party and hailed the BJP, saying it alone can take on TRS, prompting the party to slap a show cause notice.

Rao said Congress in Telangana and TDP in Andhra Pradesh were going to have existential question.

"It (the question) will be haunting them for the next four-five six months. We are not doing this purposely. It is a self-inflicted wound," he said.

Replying to a query, Rao rejected allegations that some of the Rajya Sabha members joined BJP in the wake of cases filed against them by the Enforcement Directorate and CBI and said they took the decision without any conditions.

Welcoming the inauguration of Kaleshwaram lift irrigation party, the BJP leader said it was not fair on Telangana Chief Ministers part to say the Centre did not extend any help to the project.

According to him, the NDA government at the Centre and the BJP-led Maharashtra government had supported the project by giving necessary clearances.