Bengaluru: Extending their coalition for Lok Sabha elections as well, the Congress and the JD(S) decided to field former Prime Minister and JD(S) chief HD Deve Gowda for the Tumakuru constituency in Karnataka.

But the moment his name was announced, the coalition relation has run into rough weather.

The incumbent MP from this constituency, Muddahanume Gowda from the Congress has openly expressed his disappointment as the party elders asked him to relinquish the seat to accommodate Deve Gowda.

An aggrieved Muddahanume Gowda did not hide his emotions or intentions. He went ahead and filed his nomination on Monday. Since then, it is Deve Gowda, who has begun to feel the jitters as he senses a palpable and ignominious defeat against Muddahanme Gowda.

Congress and the JD(S) leaders alike have tried to pacify and convince him, in the greater interest of the coalition. But sources say that Muddahanume Gowda is not the one to condescend to their requests. Ever since his nomination, he has remained incommunicado. Irrespective, the Congress and the JD(S) leaders have tried to approach him through his close aides, but the reactions from him are that of defiance. In simple words, he refuses to withdraw his candidacy.

Earlier, no less a person than G Parameshwara, the deputy CM had minced no words in taking up cudgels for Muddahanume Gowda. Saying that Muddahanume Gowda was a highly performing MP, he had added that Gowda in specific and the coalition parties in general should consider the Mysuru constituency in lieu of Tumakuru.

Deve Gowda chose the Tumakuru constituency as he feels it is a safe zone. He has relinquished the Hassan seat to accommodate his grandson Prajwal Revanna.

It is interesting to note that Muddahanume Gowda himself had requested and invited Deve Gowda to contest from Tumakuru. But little did he know that the former PM would take his invitation seriously. He now feels that a sitting and performing MP like him should not be scapegoated for family politics.