UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE) is one of themost challenging exams in India. This exam is attempted by lakhs of candidates each year with the hope of becoming an IAS officer, a prestigious job profile that offers job security, good pay, and a great deal of respect across the country and the globe. There are many IAS coaching institutesPAN India that offers training to the candidateskeen to appear for the UPSC examination.

Mr. Sumanth Makam of National IAS Coaching Institute, Bangalore states, “Apart from concentration and hard work, preparation in the right and smart manner ensures success in the UPSC exams. The key is to understand and respond rightly to the questions”. The National IAS Institute is a premier IAS coaching center in Bangalore that has consistently delivered successful UPSC candidates since its establishment. 

UPSC syllabus and its challenges

The UPSC syllabus is vast and comprehensive. The candidate’s knowledge is tested in many areas and subjects, which makes it the extremely demanding examination in the country. The UPSC exam is a three tiered exam that includes UPSC Prelims, UPSC Mains and the final personality test-interview round. 

Only if the candidate clears the UPSC preliminary examination that includes general studies and CSAT papers, he or she can proceed further for UPSC Mains which has 9 papers including 2 qualifying papers of 300 marks each ( English and any other language) and upon clearing the Mains the candidate is eligible for the interview round. 

Most of the aspiring candidates take couple of years with all the hard work and dedication to prepare for the UPSC examination. Even after all the prolonged efforts, not all the students make it to the Mains. This builds up a lot of stress and anxiety in the candidates and affects their performance. 

Aspiring UPSC students state that despite studying for long hours, they are unable to cope up with the wide syllabus including the subject of current affairs and that is the reason they prefer to opt an IAS coaching expert. 

As one of the co-founder of the National IAS Coaching, Bangalore, Mr. Sumanth has guided and trained more than 1200 students on how to study, and preparefor their UPSC examination in a productive manner with theleast effort.  

To begin with, they need to refer to questions asked in the previous years’examinations and thoroughly understand how the questions are framed and the tricky part in them before attempting to give the correct answer.  

Mr. Sumanth Makamcoaches UPSC Aspirants in Bangalore and is a mentor to them. He has developed a novel way of helping his students. He states,"Success in UPSC Exam is not based on Number of books you read, or number of hours you invest in, instead it is based on building the ability to answer the Previous Year Questions and understanding the tricks of the examiner.”

He has conceived and developed The Smart Hour Technology for assisting the student in launching their UPSC preparation like an expert in just 5 days. He focuses on three varied segments which are Mind Mapping, Note Making & Pattern Analysis.

Mind Mapping involves using the mind to develop an image or a map involving a key topic in the center surrounded by its associated topics/words and so on, till the topic is extensively covered. This mapping can take place in the mind or on paper using various coloured pens for better grasping.  The key advantages of mind mapping are Retention, recall, revision, clear thinking, and concentration.

Note Makingisyet another vital part of the UPSC examination preparation that helps in the methodical study of the subjects. Notes can be prepared in the following sequence – what, when, why, how, its importance and final comments while mentioning previously asked questions with their responses along with chronological details of the subject if any. 

Pattern Analysis is the key tounderstand the questions asked in the UPSC examination.Considering the vast syllabus that includes so many varied topics, it is certainly difficult to be thoroughly prepared for it. Candidates can get a fair idea of what type of question to expect and how to answer it correctly. 

To sum it up, Mr. Sumanth Makam adds that enrolling with an experienced and expert IAS coaching mentor helps to boost up the confidence and preparation of the candidate.  The reassuring presence of the mentor and fellow candidates, both online and in-person accelerates the exam preparation process in the right direction leading to success in the UPSC exam. 

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