Bengaluru: We all use sanitisers to clean our hands, don’t we? 

The sanitisers we use are alcohol-based. 

Their long-term use can be harmful. 

So what about water-based sanitisers? 

Well, sounds interesting, isn’t it? 

As reported by Times of India, scientists in Bhavnagar-based Central Salt And Marine Chemicals Research Institute (CSMCRI) has developed an alcohol-free water-based sanitizer which can kill not just Covid-19 virus but nine other dangerous pathogens.

But will it be as safe as alcohol-based sanitizers? 

The website adds that Faridabad-based Translational Health Science and Technology Institute (THSTI), an autonomous laboratory under the central government’s department of bio-technology, has certified it. 

It also quoted Dr Kannan Srinivasan, director, CSMCRI, as saying, “Alcohol-based sanitizers are class 1 inflammable liquids and studies have shown that their improper and excessive use may cause several problems such as ocular irritation, vomiting, oral irritation, cough, abdominal pain, acidosis, respiratory distress, headache and others. Moreover, there is a risk of blaze if the user is closely exposed to fire.”

The website also added another senior scientist Sanjay Pratihar as saying: “This sanitizer has been made using stable biomolecule capped aqueous silver nanoparticles with inorganic emulsifying agents and surfactants. The nano silver plays an important role in paralyzing pathogens before they become active.” 

They have now applied for licence. Once the licence is granted, they will be able to produce 500 litres per day.