Bengaluru: With just five days left for Delhi polls, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a rally in Karkardooma, New Delhi. 

Modi stressed on the importance of toilets in the country. 

He said, “For the first time, 10 crore people got toilets at their homes; for the first time 8 crore sisters got the gas stove at their houses; first time the people of this country got Lokpal, but Delhi is still deprived of it”

Modi also urged the electorate to vote for the BJP to help them get gas stoves, power and water. 

In this regard, he said, “BJP government is the need of the hour which will help you get gas connection, power and water; and we will replace the politics of hatred with the politics of development.”

Then, the PM touched upon the issue of abrogation of article 370 and other important issues concerning the nation. 

He said, “Article 370 was abrogated after 70 years, Ramjanmbhoomi verdict came after 70 years, Kartarpur Sahab corridor was made after 70 years, India-Bangladesh border issue solved after 70 years, CAA came after 70 years, war memorial and police memorial made after 50-60 years.”

The PM also spoke about the importance of regularising illegal colonies. 

He said, “We made laws to regularise the illegal colonies, despite the handicaps, ridding the people of Delhi of fear of getting their homes razed.”

Most importantly, the PM did not miss out on an opportunity to talk about budget. 

He said, “In this budget, it has also been taken care that middle-class taxpayers have more money to save. The government has now given the option of a new slab of tax. This slab is also simple and there is no pressure to invest in certain schemes only to save tax.”

Lastly, the PM stressed the importance of voting on February 8. 

The vote people will cast on February 8 will not only help a party win but enable fulfil the dream of development and this work can be done only by the BJP, which believes in the politics of positivity; we shun negativity. Our sankalp (vows and pledges) is the biggest strength for us.