Bengaluru: Everyone hopes to live in a country where fairness is the defining factor. 

We all hope that wherever we live, there is no violence, no step-motherly treatment, no humiliation or mortification, where there is no avarice and everyone lives in peace, harmony and happiness. 

In simple terms, such a state where everything is under check and standards are maintained is referred to as Ram Rajya. 

In fact, when the BJP released its manifesto for Haryana polls, it based it on this concept. 

Tulsidas’s Ramacharitmanas deals with this concept of Ram Rajya. 

Ram Rajya (an ideal state) comes into force the moment Lord Ram returns to Ayodhya, after having killed the demon Ravan. After he is coronated as the king, he ensures that everyone in his state is happy and sound. Today, it might look to be a Utopian state, but during those days, it was pragmatic and practical. 

With the help of a shloka or a couplet Tulsidas explains the traits of a Ram Rajya. 

बरनाश्रम निज निज धरम निरत बेद पथ लोग
चलहिं सदा पावहिं सुखहि नहि भय सोक न रोग

The shloka lays emphasis on Dharma or righteousness. If everyone walks on the path of dharma and does their duty in the way it is supposed to be done, when there is no fear, when there is no sorrow, no animosity or any other vice in general, it is said to be Ram Rajya. 

In this way, if everyone relinquishes sin and lives harmoniously concentrating their energies on worshipping Ram (spiritual uplift), they attain moksha, which is the ultimate goal of human life. 

The concept is extremely germane to these days when we see a lot of hatred, a lot of subjugation and humiliation and uncontrolled greed spreading all across. 

Indeed, modern problems, ancient solutions!