New Delhi: After warning Sri Lankan government hours before the Sunday Easter attacks, now Indian intelligence agencies have warned security forces and operational units of this country about similar attacks on India. The ministry has asked security forces and operational units also to maintain flawless coordination with intelligence agencies to avoid Sri Lanka-like attack.
The Islamic State (ISIS) took responsibility for the attacks in Sri Lanka, killed nearly 400 church-goers and other Christians on Easter. The ISIS has warned India multiple times too, claiming that the organisation is planning massive terror attacks. Investigative agencies have arrested ISIS supporters from India, mainly south India.
The Ministry of Home Affairs, after being informed by the intelligence agencies, have asked to put worship places on surveillance and a drill should be done. The letter has also been issued considering the failure of coordination between intelligence and police in Sri Lanka's church attacks.

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The Sri Lankan government had failed to act on intelligence inputs shared by India; they took the alert casually. The local government, after the attack, however, accepted that there was an intelligence failure. The defence secretary and the police chief were sacked as a result.
The MHA in a letter issued on Thursday said, "In wake of the incidents of bomb blasts in Sri Lanka, it would be advisable to step up the vigil on fundamentalist/militant groups posing potential threats. Places of public congregation or heavy footfalls, in particular places of worship, need to be put under proper surveillance and security coverage as required," the MHA said.

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The ministry, which deals with internal security, has asked the forces to refurbish their crisis management system so that in the case of a terror activity, the situation can be controlled in time. The ministry has asked the security forces and local police also to keep a watch on places with high footfall, especially the places of worship. "Effective coordination be maintained between the operational units and the intelligence agencies. Crisis management plans may be suitably refurbished," the MHA said.
There have been many terror attacks in India on places of worship. In 2002, terrorists attacked the Akshardham temple in Gujarat and killed 30 people. Also, there have been two attacks in Varanasi, one of the holiest cities for Hindus. India has seen attacks also on mosques in 2004 and 2007.