New Delhi: To clear the air of speculations, the Ministry of Home Affairs on Wednesday has said that there was no proposal or talks ever held on the delimitation exercise in Jammu and Kashmir. 

The clarification has come after media reports claimed that Home Minister Amit Shah has discussed the issue with other Cabinet ministers in a meeting. The MHA has categorically denied that no talks have happened over delimitation or over setting up a commission to take forward the delimitation of assembly seats in the Jammu region. 

"The meeting which was held in MHA with cabinet ministers was a scheduled meeting of a group of ministers on petroleum not on security issues," a senior MHA official said.

According to the government, the state has three divisions Jammu, Kashmir Valley and Ladakh and the most highly populated region is Kashmir which remains very tense due to terrorism.

The second most densely populated region in Jammu where people have been complaining that the current situation gives an edge to Kashmir. According to the 2011 census, Jammu division has 53 lakh residents which make up for almost 43% of the total population of the state. As per data, Jammu has 37 assembly constituencies in the 87-member parliamentary house.

On the other side, Kashmir has almost 69 lakh residents which is almost 55% of the total population of the state but has only 46 assembly seats in the Legislative Assembly. The last region Ladakh has just four seats as the total population of the region is 2.7 lakh people.