Bengaluru: His expert tuning and soulful tone have surprised and delighted listeners and seasoned musicians over the years. Meet MB Prakash from Bengaluru, who is India's only accordion tuner and composer!

He is a self-taught man and his sheer dedication and hard work has made him everyone's delight. Every evening he plays his European music and with his soothing music he has made the Bengaluru hotel a guest friendly hotel from the past 15 years. Not many people can understand the versatility of accordions. An accordion is a reed instrument with tremendous tonal and dynamic ranges. Reed is a metal piece fixed at one end and another end is free so it vibrates when air moves in.

Prakash can play polkas, tangos, waltzes and other styles of music from different countries including, Russia, America, China or even Europe.

"This instrument had various transformations over time and what I play is a piano accordion. When I was young, I used to listen to the accordionists, living in my lane, it playing while on my way home. The second thing which attracted me towards this instrument was its beautiful sound. It is a difficult instrument because you have two hands doing three kinds of movements," Prakash told ANI.

Comparing the accordion with a family, he said: "Accordion is like husband and wife where the husband does one job but the wife is multi-tasking."

Sharing a tragic incident of his life, Prakash said that: "Basically, I started playing the accordion, because I had supported my very good close friend who was an accordionist but unfortunately he passed away in an accident. It was a shocking thing for me."

In an attempt to keep the instrument alive, Prakash also takes classes in order to encourage others and learnt to repair the instrument so as to be self-sufficient.

He derives his inspiration for playing from the audience reactions. For the audience, his music gives them a homely feeling and a delightful experience. His music has often induced the people to groove on his music.

Terming Prakash as a man in a black coat and black bow, Ashika, hotel staff said: "It is our pleasure to have him here from the past 15 years. You will never miss him if you are in the hotel. he never denies any request of any guest. He will sit at his chair and play your favourite music for you. He has been a wonderful gentleman as a person."

He was the first and only Indian to be invited as a jury for the Prestigious Accordion World Championship, Trophee Mondial de Laccordeon, which was held in France. He is also the first and only Indian Accordionist to be mentioned in the 700-page book, 'Accordionist worth listening in the world.'

He was also the official accordionist to play in the German food festival in India. He has played music in different cities of Germany and in Berlin Olympics.